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2018-08-03 15:00
Text description provided by the architects. There are three basic landscape settings in Door County, Wisconsin: the lake shore, the forest, and the farm field. Although the number of farmsteads have declined, many weathered pine-sided barns still exist. The ones left have a memorable quality to their stature. Our client Beth loves the open farm field landscape of the area. This project is in many ways her vision.
 © Paul Crosby
C.Paul Crosby
The House for Beth is a narrow three-room building with stepped pitched roofs that reflect the functions within. The tallest roof defines a bright, open living space with views to the landscape in all directions. The lower pitched roof houses the bathroom and bedrooms. A third lean-to structure is attached to the back which contains the mechanical room.
 © Paul Crosby
C.Paul Crosby
The building runs east-west with terraces on the north and south to provide both sunny and shaded exterior spaces throughout the seasons. White painted fences partially surround the house and define the parking area and pathway to the house. Standing metal seam roofs reflect the direct sunlight, and the natural cedar siding is left untreated to weather. A splash band of black Richlite wraps the base of the house to protect the wood siding from snow and rain. White windows and trim match the fences while complimenting the natural materials that predominate.
 Plan & Sections

The interiors consist of simple white painted drywall with natural pine floors. Sequences of large fixed windows and smaller operable windows create an immediate visual connection to the surrounding site while providing ample opportunity for breezes to passively ventilate this narrow house. Natural wood trim add warmth, and a narrow black band of Richlite above a continuous pine shelf mimicking the black splash band on the exterior. The open kitchen is bright and fresh with white casework, stone countertops, highlighted by a blue tile cooking surround. The furnishings are simple, modern, and affordable, all from IKEA.
 © Paul Crosby
C.Paul Crosby
Architects Salmela Architect
Location Door County, United States
Principal Architect David Salmela
Project Architect Malini Srivastava
Area 1093.0 ft2
Project Year 2015
Photographs Paul Crosby
Category Houses Interiors
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