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2019-06-03 09:10
 Arent Pyke以直观而诚实的态度而着称,他们将创意探索的集体渴求与解决问题的技巧结合起来,细心观察,确保每个项目都是独一无二的。今天小编将介绍她们最新的三个佳作。

Arent Pyke is known for his intuitive and honest attitude. They combine the collective desire for creative exploration with problem-solving skills and carefully observe to ensure that each project is unique. Today, We will introduce their latest three best works.

















位于澳大利亚富人区“后花园”Bellevue Hill这座1928年建造的公寓,它的优雅之处在于拥有非常美妙的建筑元素。它是一栋粉刷成灰泥的西班牙风格的顶级公寓,偶尔看上去有着巴黎建筑的气息,拥有宏大的比例和高耸的视野。

Located in the back garden of Bellevue Hill, an affluent area in Australia, this 1928 apartment is elegant in that it has very beautiful architectural elements. It is a top-of-the-line spanish-style stucco apartment that occasionally looks Parisian, with grand proportions and soaring views.

在公寓装修之前,“家”的概念对Arent Pyke的客户来说并不重要,但改造的过程中导致了热爱酒店的游牧民完全改变了生活的节奏和生活重点。

Before the apartment was renovated, the concept of "home" was not important to Arent Pykes clients, but the renovation process led nomads who loved the hotel to completely change the pace and priorities of life.


The interior of the apartments central living room includes an original French wreath and fluted arches, Windows with views of the harbor, and an arched ceiling that hides the light from the entire room. In terms of decoration, these romantic operations need to respect the customers choice. Typical Parisian decor is incorporated into the design, combining vintage vintage and contemporary avant-garde interiors.





这是Arent Pyke获得RIGG设计奖当中的一个作品,它被命名为‘’Home: Feast, Bathe, Rest‘’即‘’家:是举办盛宴、沐浴、休息的地方‘’。该作品探索了当代家庭内部的基本功能,反应了一种概念性的室内,其重点是召唤人对这些空间的情感。  

This is part of Arent Pykes RIGG award for design, which was named Home: Feast, shower, Rest. The work explores the basic functions of the contemporary family interior, reflecting a conceptual interior that focuses on evoking emotions about these Spaces.


在Arent Pyke的设计中,深刻地强调了混乱的外部和平静的内部的分离。深色的墙壁和有意放置的光影创造了意境和诗意的空间。更小的细节突出了工艺的内在美,表达了设计师对澳大利亚美学和设计的敬意。

 In Arent Pyke ’s design, deep thresholds emphasise the separation of the chaotic exterior and the calm interior. Dark walls and intentionally positioned light and shadow create mood and spatial poetry. Smaller details highlight the innate beauty of craftsmanship, paying homage to Australian aesthetics and design.









设计:Arent Pyke





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