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2019-06-22 08:00
Wade Architects位于加州北部,是一家获得国家认可的设计工作室,专注于私人住宅、零售概念、酿酒厂和酒店项目,由Ani Wade和Luke Wade于2007年创立。

Based in Northern California, Wade Architects is a nationally recognized award-winning firm focused on private residences, specialty retail concepts, wineries and hospitality projects. Wade Design was founded by principals Ani and Luke Wade in 2007.







Ani Wade出生在秘鲁,成长于哥斯达黎加,之后在美国开始建筑培训。在获得德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校建筑学学士学位后,她出色地担任了旧金山多家公司的设计师和项目经理,其中包括Taylor Lombardo Architects。2004年,Ani加入了Backen Gillam Architects,她的技术专注于精心设计的住宅项目,以及奥贝尔格集团旗下Solage度假村的设计和施工管理。2007年,Ani与丈夫兼合作伙伴Luke Wade共同创立了Wade Design Architects。

Ani Wade grew up in Peru, and spent her formative years in Costa Rica before beginning her architectural training in the United States. After receiving her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin, she excelled as a designer and project manager for firms in San Francisco, including Taylor Lombardo Architects. In 2004 Ani joined Backen Gillam Architects, with her skills focused on highly crafted residential projects and the design and construction management of the Solage resort for the Auberge Group. In 2007 Ani co-founded Wade Design Architects with her husband and partner Luke Wade.




Luke Wade是土生土长的德克萨斯人,2000年从德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校获得建筑学学士学位后,他开始在旧金山湾区实习。他与霍华德•巴肯(Howard Backen)密切合作,在Backen Gillam Architects担任项目经理期间磨练了自己的设计技能,并负责从私人住宅到酒厂、零售概念、餐厅和度假村等一系列项目。他对旅行和看世界的渴望大多是贪得无厌的,总是有更多的东西要学。

A native Texan, Luke began practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area after receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2000. Working closely with Howard Backen, he honed his design skills as a project manager with Backen Gillam Architects and oversaw projects ranging from private residences to wineries, retail concepts, restaurants and resorts. In 2007 Luke co-founded Wade Design Architects with his wife and partner Ani Wade.His desire to travel and see the world is mostly insatiable, there is always more to learn.




Wade Design Architects实践一种协作的艺术,他们是从专注地倾听客户的目标和愿望开始。从最初的概念到建设完成,努力把客户的愿望变成现实。他们相信,对每个参与者来说,一个令人满意的过程最终会带来最好的结果和最有价值的体验。

Wade Design Architects practices a collaborative art, which begins by listening intently to our clients goals and desires. From initial concepts through to construction completion, they strive to transform their aspirations into reality. We believe a fulfilling process for everyone involved ultimately leads to the best possible result and the most rewarding experience

















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