Assemble designs gallery at Wellcome Collection in London 伦敦韦尔康收藏的装配设计画廊

2019-09-11 18:03
The Wellcome Collection open new gallery with architecture by Assemble. For the opening exhibition ’Being Human’ graphic design has been done by Kellenberger-White with lighting design by DHA Design, and build by Realm Projects. Photography: Thomas Adank
Turner Prize-winner Assemble has designed a new gallery at the Wellcome Collection, introducing natural materials and custom-built plinths. Standing on London’s busy Euston Road, the free museum was inspired by the medical objects collected by pharmaceutical entrepreneur Henry Wellcome, and has a mission to challenge how people think about health.

The design, architecture and art collective Assemble has reimagined the first-floor gallery, which until recently was home to the 15-year-old Medicine Now exhibition. Medical science had moved on so much since 2007 that the gallery came to feel more ‘Medicine Then’, says the Wellcome Collection’s head of public programmes, Rosie Stanbury.

‘Before, the gallery felt like a laboratory or a hospital, with traditional vitrines and draws in Corian-faced MDF,’ says Assemble’s Joseph Halligan, ‘our design is a response to that.’ The collective recently completed a new public art gallery within a Grade II listed former Victorian bathhouse at Goldsmiths, University of London.

“以前,画廊感觉就像一个实验室或医院,有传统的玻璃镜,用的是科里安脸的中密度纤维板,”大会的约瑟夫·哈利根(Joseph Halligan)说,“我们的设计就是对此的回应。”这个集体最近在伦敦大学戈德史密斯的一座二级维多利亚式浴室内建成了一座新的公共艺术画廊。
Called ‘Being Human’, this new permanent gallery, which opens in September, will explore what it means to be human in the 21st century. The centrepiece will be a new commission titled Refugee Astronaut, by British-Nigerian artist, Yinka Shonibare. Halligan intends to ‘open up the 300 sq m space. We’ve removed the big red display boxes, so that all the windows are visible and let in tempered natural light.’ An oak floor has going down, and the walls are lined with timber panelling stained by green and blue pigmented oils.

‘We’re seeing the gallery like a collection of objects, with free standing walls, and everything on a cross-laminated timber plinth,’ says Halligan. The surface of the plinths will be white-washed, and the bases will be painted black. ‘The room will almost feel ceremonial,’ Halligan adds. ‘It will feel like quite a bold space.’

哈利根说: “我们看到的画廊就像一群收藏品,有着自由站立的墙壁,还有交叉分层的木材基座上的所有东西。 基座的表面将被白洗,基座将被涂成黑色。 哈利根补充说: “房间里几乎会有仪式感。 ”“我觉得这是一个相当大胆的空间。 .
Meanwhile glass-maker Jochen Holz is creating the gallery’s main piece of signage, in thick, hand-bent glass. And Kellenberger-White is handling the two-dimensional graphics. §








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