The 2019 British Land London Design Medal winners announced 2019年英国土地伦敦设计奖章获奖者宣布

2019-09-11 18:03
The 2019 London Design Medal
Tom Dixon, Daniel Charny, Ross Atkin and Vivienne Westwood are the four winners of this year’s London Design Medals – awards that celebrate innovation, emerging talent, design excellence and lifetime achievement within the design industry.

Over the past 13 years, the Medals have been prized to the likes of Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid and Paul Smith. This year’s winners were chosen by a panel of industry judges including Ozwald Boateng, Ian Callum, Sheridan Coakley, Njusja de Gier, Es Devlin; Sarah Douglas; Ben Evans; Dr Tristram Hunt; Domenic Lippa; Jay Osgerby; Raoul Shah, Joff Sharpe, Justine Simons OBE, Sir John Sorrell CBE, Dr Paul Thompson and Jane Withers. ‘Each year the jury selects four eminent people who have made a major contribution to design in the UK. This year the winners are as interesting and deserving as ever,’ says Ben Evans, director of London Design Festival.

在过去的13年里,这些奖牌被授予了罗恩·阿拉德、扎哈·哈迪德和保罗·史密斯等人。今年的获奖者是由包括Ozwald Boateng、Ian Callum、Sheridan Coakley、Njuja de Gier、es Devlin、Sarah Douglas、Ben Evans、Tristram Hunt、Domenic Lippa、Jay Osgerby、RaoulShah、Joff Sharpe、Joff Simons OBE、Sir John Sorrell E、Paul Thompson和Jane Witheres在内的一个行业评审团选出的。每年评审团都会选出四位杰出人士,他们为英国的设计做出了重大贡献。伦敦设计节的主管本·埃文斯(BenEvans)说:“今年的获奖者和以往一样有趣,也同样值得一试。”
Scooping the top accolade for consistent design excellence, The London Design Medal, supported by British Airways London City, is Tom Dixon. The British designer, who recently transported his multidisciplinary empire to Kings Cross, has had a dynamic career. ‘I have evolved to many trades,’ he explains. ‘Everyday is different, from one day creating environments another communication, and another day engineering.’ From creating icons for Cassina to spearheading Habitat’s design direction, Dixon’s design trajectory is unique. ‘I always hated having to make choices, I never enjoyed being told what to do,’ he claims.

“伦敦设计奖章”(London Design Medal)是由英国航空公司(British Airways London City)赞助的,它因一贯的设计卓越而获得了最高的赞誉。这位英国设计师最近将他的多学科帝国带到了国王十字,他的职业生涯充满活力。他解释说,我已经发展到了许多行业。“每一天都是不同的,就像一天创造环境,另一天是交流,另一天是工程。”从为卡西纳创造图标到引领人居中心的设计方向,迪克森的设计轨迹是独一无二的。他说:“我一直讨厌做出选择,我从来不喜欢别人告诉我该怎么做。”
The Design Innovation Medal, supported by SAP, has been awarded to creative strategist Daniel Charny. Between being a professor of design at Kingston University and co-founding creative consultancy From Now On, Charny has worked on projects at the V-A, Aram Gallery and the Central Research Laboratory accelerator. Focusing on problem solving and education, Charny brings the topic to wider audiences – ‘in order for design to be taken seriously it has to engage as part of a bigger system,’ he says.

‘A lot of the work I have done with accessibility has been outside and on the streets,’ says Ross Atkin, recipient of the Emerging Design Medal supported by Storey. Atkin has been recognised for his work with children and the disabled community to improve infrastructure environment. Sight Line is one such project that is a system for improving the accessibility of road works developed in partnership with The Royal Society for Blind Children and Transport for London. ‘I was super lucky to be encouraged to make things when I was kid,’ Atkin refers to his interest in robots, and how these can inspire children to engage with making, creativity, science and engineering.

Unicorn robot, by Ross Atkin

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Medal supported by Fortnum - Mason is Vivienne Westwood for her significant contribution to the design industry. The British fashion designer has been famed for her activism in the industry. While being an ambassador for Greenpeace, she also worked with the International Trade Centre on their Ethical Fashion Initiative. The campaigner is also renowned for having the largest ever exhibition devoted to a British fashion designer hosted at the V-A Museum.

The medals, realised by jewellery designer Hannah Martin using the ‘lost-wax casting’ technique, will be awarded on the week of London Design Festival at the British Land Celebration of Design at The House of Commons in Westminster. §

安德烈亚斯·克隆塔勒为薇薇安·韦斯特伍德设计的外套,出现在2018年9月号的“壁纸”*中。特色与裤子,欧元695,由莱梅尔。帽子,720欧元,由Maison Michel‘DC 09’餐椅,GB 1,877,由Inoda Sveje,宫崎骏,来自阿拉姆。摄影:Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz Coat,由Andreas Kronhaler为Vivienne Westwood特写于2018年9月号的壁纸*。特色与裤子,欧元695,由莱梅尔。帽子,720欧元,由Maison Michel‘DC 09’餐椅,GB 1,877,由Inoda Sveje,宫崎骏,来自阿拉姆。摄影:Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz





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