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2019-10-13 12:05

The automobile is an American poem.
Since it is poetry, it should have passion.
Zhongzhou bay represents the evolving life of the city of shenzhen, imagining all the future possibilities of the city. It conforms to the five themes of science and technology, art, nature, design and creativity, which is also the direction we explore in the process of space design.



Aston Martin Model House | 概念走向
Aston Martin Model House | concept trend




Aston Martin Model House | 主要空间效果呈现
Aston Martin Model House | main space effects
Shenzhen, an international metropolis, is known as the shenzhen speed for its amazing economic growth. Behind the speed is the gathering of domestic and foreign elites, the collision of many ideas, and the power driven by the burning passion. With the help of the background of urban development and humanistic feelings, the designer extracted speed and passion to symbolize this space.

Aston Martin Model House | 室内全景一览
Aston Martin Model House offers panoramic views
We set the purchase group of this family as male, overseas financial returnees, belonging to the high-income group, aged around 30. They are engaged in the finance or IT profession, attach great importance to the quality of life, have a passionate or wild attitude towards life, have a unique vision and personal taste, and hope to live near the workplace.

Aston Martin Model House | 从客厅看向卧室
Aston Martin Model House looks from the living room to the bedroom

Aston Martin Model House | 客厅
Aston Martin Model House | living room
提取Aston Martin内饰元素而成主要设计风格,高品质的家具,简洁的流线型线条以及高科技的塑造感,把空间打造而成一个可供舒适居住,也不失艺术感的简奢公寓。
Aston Martin interior elements are extracted into the main design style, high quality furniture, simple streamline lines and high-tech shaping sense, to make the space into a comfortable living, but also artistic simple luxury apartment.



Aston Martin Model House | 客厅
Aston Martin Model House | living room
客厅选用做工细腻的沙发与触感滑顺的顶级皮革,让人爱不释手,也借Aston Martin对工艺与完美的坚持,延伸至家居细节中。
The living room is made of exquisite sofas and smooth leather, and Aston Martins insistence on craftsmanship and perfection extends to home details.

High-end business apartments have the characteristics of fashion, personality and speed, catering to the young elite groups want to enjoy convenient, but also the pursuit of entertainment view of life. Daily busy, they look forward to a relaxed home state; When a few good friends come, they can drink and share the beautiful scenery.


Adjacent kitchen two places are indoor basically receive a space, concise plain lubricious face plate joins together and become ark put oneself in anothers position surface, form and brief and shang, practical also hold concurrently beautiful, reflect the grade of the person that reside and aesthetic deposit.


与Aston Martin内饰风格一脉相承。
The grey leather metal headboard is joined to the streamlined headboard like a luxury car interior,


Whether it is the shape of the bedside table, table lamp selection, or put around with edges, or rough,
Or move move act the role ofing adorn article, without be not in those who reflect a mans adamancy and spirit.


床头板元素取于Aston Martin的车门扉页,线条流畅婉约,象征快节奏的都市生活,可快可缓。颇为硬朗的线条,却也柔软有力,散发着男子应有的阳刚魅力,抑不失温柔。
Headboard elements are taken from Aston Martins car door flyleaf. The lines are smooth and graceful, symbolizing the fast pace of urban life, fast and slow. Quite hale line, also soft and powerful however, sending out the masculine charm that the man should have, restrain does not break gentleness.



The dark grey wood floor with tree rings seems to be recording and witnessing all the efforts of the years. Smallpox drops the lamp that shows water drop shape, illuminate indoor one side, also illuminating life a variety of chaos. Hide light slightly below, model at the mirror of study wall body, also be worn to the person that reside the heart is like bright mirror meaning.

On reading, hertzlitt says: the works of the great masters take root in our hearts, and the lines of the poets run in our veins. We read books when we are young and remember them when we are old.

All clean of toilet provides configuration to choose well-known high-end brand, modelling is concise and design feeling is dye-black, accord with habitant to the pursuit of life quality. Stainless steel objects, wire glass door perspective texture, the wall body pattern using a large piece of white rock plate splicing and become, from a distance like a climbing brave, but also more interesting and alert.

Developer | China continent group
创作总监 | 马一平核心
Creative director | ma yiping core
设计团队 | 潘建伟 蔡沛杰 林梓生
esign team | pan jianwei CAI peijie Lin zisheng
Photography | river photography
Typesetting | Van










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