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In Endless Talk, Brownshaw wrote, What you desire to use the name of philosophy to imply - is essentially a perception of the unknown, or more generally a relationship with the unknown.
Design time|设计时间:2018年06月
Completed time|竣工时间:2019年08月
Interior design|主案设计:李想
Design team|方案设计:叶欢 吴柏 段志强 
Design team|项目管理:陈万镁 陈天勇  
Design team|软装设计:朱川平 邓惠清 
Concept design|概念表达:郑华纯 陈博尔
Photography|项目摄影:朱川平 李想 


In Sichuan Province, there are two cities famous for their wine, one is Yibin called capital of wine, the other is Luzhou known as city of wine, which, as an important traffic artery of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou Province, is the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Tuojiang River with numerous commercial ports. Winemaking is of great significance for Luzhou people, who connect themselves with wine inextricably generation after generation, thus making the city immersed in sweet fragrance of wine.

Located in the intersection of Shulu Avenue and Longma Avenue in Longmatan District, Luzhou City, the hotel enjoys convenient transportation and is close to the international conference center, commercial office building and shopping center, making itself an ideal place for business and leisure travelers.


ADDDESIGN accepted a commission and was in charge of the interior design of Aoxin Holiday Hotel in June 2018, which is inspired by the wine hiding cave in Luzhou, a place that evokes a strong desire to explore. The mysterious natural cave arouses curiosity. The stones penetrate both inner and outer space, and the cracking gap, extended from the canyon, is like a gully on the rock wall, which creates a novel experience of walking from the cave to the canyon. At the end of the known and the unknown, it is the perception that lies in the middle.

Open the door of self-perception until you see everything through a narrow crack. The lobby is a reconstruction of natural cave amongst which places a series of unconnected hollow stones. The unknown and unpredictable space inside the stones is released by excavating the holes, thus forming a relatively private and semi-invisible surroundings, which creates a continuous experience of opening and enclosing through the interior of the stone and the gap between the stone.



The mosaic process originates from ancient Greece. The Greek Μωσαϊκό refers to the delicate decoration stitched in the way of inlay originally. The people living in the cave early decorated with various marbles and the earliest mosaic was derived on this basis.

The inner wall of the cave is in the shape of multi-dimensional curved surface that gradually shrinks from bottom to top. In the process of mosaic paving, mosaic regular stitching is squeezed caused by the shrinkage of the curved surface area. The designer increased the number of segments horizontally with the method of retaining deformation joint to shape the multi-dimensional surface and set the starting point for each segment separately, forming a dynamic order in which the law and freedom coexist.




In the light environment full of metaphorical meaning of Convent of La Tourette and La Chapelle de Ronchamp, the architect Le Corbusier aims to give modern people tranquility and peace they need most: some purified, ethereal atmosphere is created when the sun shots in, whose effect evokes an expressive trait that pours out in dark environment.

After the tone of the atmosphere is determined, the basic outline of the space is gradually clarified: the atmosphere  created by the hotel is not spring of brightness, but another kind of hazy, mystery and massive beauty.


The sense of security brought by the enclosed space stimulates the desire for communication, among which the dynamic connection between emotion and space is perceived. The wine is performed as a clue to create a medium to convey beauty, emotion and consciousness by Luzhous wine culture. The medium is equivalent to the art itself.

The stones of the same mine are processed differently to form such three kinds of surface textures as drawing texture, 30% matte and 60% matte. Due to the difference of light reflection of different interfaces, the shades of the same façade are different, enriching spatial expression without undermining overall purity.

The interface between space and space is blurred, making it separated and infiltrated, and the interface disappears in the process of generation, bringing a literary sensation. The design disintegrates and fuses the interior and exterior of the space, allowing space and time to be continuously and peacefully viewed.


The screens limited by the fuzzy interface divide the spatial functions, involving in as a light volume to establish a connection between people, environment, architecture and atmosphere. The appropriate ablation hides the rest area a little, restraining the relationship between openness and introversion.

The soft textures of different textures, temperatures and colors are presented in contrast, rigidly and softly isomorphic, expressing the evolution of spatial relationships. The contrast and sense of boundary caused by the ambiguity are reduced to form a comfortable and soft vision under the coordination of warm colors. It is a physical process of development from design to implement, revealing the visual texture and symbolic context of the space one by one.



Based on the multi-dimensional thinking in the real world, hard and soft, delicate and rough, cold and warm, freedom and order, the design trys to seek unity in contradiction, consensus in conflict and describe the balance between substance and consciousness with the use of material texture and construction process.

The hotel recreates nature by natural stone and establishes a basic interface for the whole space, whose novel environment will generate experience in the form of memory recombination while evoking memory, thus making the relationship between people and space, space and space independent and interinfiltrated. These visual connections extend the concept of cave and local urban texture to the interior of the hotel, forming a unique cultural carrier in Luzhou.

With this project we try to find the existing connection with all the nature of the substance in a deeper level such as texture and emotion. Also we try to understand the temperament of the project through the combination of various elements, not only through our vision, but also through all of the senses.
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ADDDESIGN Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, whose business scope covers hotel, restaurant, high-end mansion, etc. The company provides services of international architecture, interior and soft design, devoting itself to providing professional integrated design for customers home and abroad. ADDDESIGH provides high-quality design works for customers with international vision, advanced design concept, cutting-edge technology and mature project control mode and enhances the industrial value with systematic industrial chain design services.


ADDDESIGN has successfully provided interior design and consulting services for more than 10 international hotel management groups, more than 20 international brands and more than 100 high-quality hotels, highly recognized by such international brand groups as Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Wyndham, InterContinental, Swire Properties, Poly Real Estate.

The commercial projects designed by ADDDESIGN are distributed in dozens of major cities across the country, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Sanya, Chengdu, Wuhan, Haikou, Changsha, etc. The works have won numerous awards in the world's leading authoritative design awards. 


Shaun Lee, founder and design director of ADDDESIGN, is good at transforming physical environment into a sensory experience and establishing emotional connections between people, space and substance. He maintains high curiosity for each project, seeks for possibility between culture, art, and aesthetics, breaking through the inherent patterns and creating a complete and eternal space. Shaun Lee has provided design services for more than 20 international brands under the umbrella of more than 10 international hotel management groups like Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, InterContinental, Wyndham, Radisson, Jinjiang, etc., helping many projects to achieve a unique space experience. He has won numerous international awards with the team led by himself and enjoyed high reputation. 
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