室内设计师Wangsing Wang用混搭风设计了他在上海的公寓

2020-07-09 09:20
When it came to renovating the waterfront apartment he shares with his partner in Shanghai, interior architect and art collector Chasing Wang eschewed fashion and trends for a more personal and thus lasting gesture. Rather than selecting the furnishings in accordance with an overall aesthetic, Wang, who is the founder of Shanghai-based multi-disciplinary practice Nong Studio, turned the design process on its head, assembling a diverse collection of art and design pieces for the sole reason that he loves them, and then intuitively combining them in bold yet elegant compositions. Just like the free-styling arrangements of Jazz musicians, Wang’s mix-and-match approach works despite the stylistic “incoherence” that crops up at first glance. From antique, to Art Deco, to modernist and post-modern pieces, Chinese murals, Moroccan rugs, all the way through to contemporary paintings, the apartment in a paradigm of eclecticism and a creative expression, as well as a testament to Wang’s iconoclastic design ethos.
当谈到翻新海滨公寓时,他与他在上海的合作伙伴、室内建筑师和艺术收藏家(Chasing Wang)一起避开时尚和潮流,以获得更个性化、更持久的姿态。 作为上海多学科实践弄工作室的创始人,王先生没有选择符合整体审美观的家具,而是将设计过程从头开始,以他喜欢的唯一理由,组装了各种各样的艺术和设计作品,然后直观地将它们组合成大胆而优雅的作品。 就像爵士乐音乐家的自由风格安排一样,王的混合和匹配的方法工作,尽管风格上的“不连贯”,乍一看。 从古董到装饰艺术,再到现代主义和后现代作品,中国壁画,摩洛哥地毯,一直到当代绘画,公寓在一个折衷主义的范式和创造性的表达,以及对王的标志性设计精神的证明。













Waterfront Apartment by Nong Studio. Featured: Eccentrico table by Angelo Mangiarotti (1984), Costes armchairs by Philippe Starck (1982), 838 Veliero bookcase by Franco Albini (1940), Lederam Manta light pendant by Enzo Catellan, Cabinet of Curiosity Dress by by Neri-Hu for Stellar Work. Photography by Chasing Wang.
海滨公寓由农工作室。 特色:Eccentrico桌由Angelo Mangiarotti(1984年),Costes扶手椅由Philippe Starck(1982年),838Veliero书柜由Franco Albini(1940年),Lederam Manta光吊坠由Enzo Catellan,好奇衣柜由Neri



Entering into the living and dining area, a subdued colour palette of white, beige and grey provides a backdrop for a vibrant and diverse collection of artworks densely displayed above a minimalist black marble fireplace. In the sitting area, a curved grey sofa by Ligne Roset is complemented by a post-modern all-glass coffee table, a vintage floor lamp from the 1960s, and a couple of vintage Lady Chairs designed by Marco Zanuso in the 1950s, which have been re-upholstered in emerald green and hounds-tooth fabrics. In the dining area, an oval marble table by iconic 20th century Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti is paired with Philip Stark’s Costes armchairs from the 1980s and vintage Thonet chairs, while Franco Albini’s emblematic 1940s Veliero bookshelf for Cassina houses Wang’s figurine collection. The living room opens up to the study which swaps the former’s muted tones for a much more dramatic ambience encapsulated by a black and white wallpaper depicting scenes from the opera. Taking centre stage, a vintage teak desk manufactured by an Italian craftsman is complemented by a curvaceous brass bookshelf that echoes the curves of the desk, as do an antique 18th century tête-à-tête chair and a pair of Art Deco lamps from the 1925 Paris Expo placed on top of a modern walnut cabinet.
进入生活和餐饮区,一个柔和的调色板白色,米色和灰色提供了一个背景,一个充满活力和多样化的艺术作品集中显示在一个极简主义黑色大理石壁炉上方。 在休息区,Ligne Roset的一张弯曲的灰色沙发由后现代全玻璃咖啡桌、一盏20世纪60年代的老式落地灯和Marco Zanuso在20世纪50年代设计的几张老式女士椅补充而成,这些椅子已被重新装饰成祖母绿和猎犬牙织物。 在用餐区,20世纪意大利标志性设计师安杰洛·曼加洛蒂(Angelo Mangiarotti)设计的椭圆形大理石桌子与菲利普·斯塔克(Philip Stark)上世纪80年代的科斯特斯扶手椅和老式索内特椅子搭配,而弗朗哥·阿尔比尼(Franco Albini)的标志性20世纪40年代Veliero书架则是卡西娜收藏的雕像。 客厅向研究开放,研究将前者的静音色调转换为一种更戏剧化的氛围,由一张描绘歌剧场景的黑白壁纸包裹。 在舞台中央,一张由意大利工匠制造的老式柚木桌子由一个弯曲的黄铜书架补充,与桌子的曲线相呼应,就像一把18世纪的古董Tete-a-tete椅子和一双1925年巴黎世博会的艺术装饰灯一样,放置在一个现代核桃橱柜的顶部。















Swathed in cherry-red wall paint, the tea room is a treasure trove of vintage furnishings sourced from all over the world. The opulent design of a vintage Peacock Chair from the 1960s is juxtaposed with the stern geometry of Charles R. Macintosh’s Hill House Chair designed in 1903 and the quirky 1980s design of both a RR226 Radiofonografo by Brionvega and a Super Lamp by Martine Bedin (co-founder of the Memphis group), while a Moroccan-style coffee table, a Tibetan Buddhist painting and a Shanghai Art Deco brass pendent lamp add ethnic accents. Wang’s mix-and-match approach also extends to the bedroom which features light-toned veneer wall panels, a pair of French Napoleon III style brass red-velvet chairs - used as nightstands - and an Art Deco marble fireplace that echoes the black and white palette of a handmade Morocco rug and shell-shaped marble wall scone. In the adjacent dressing room, the combination of mirrored closet doors with a colourful Paper Cuts Outs (Gouaches Découpés) carpet by Henri Matisse creates a kaleidoscopic effect of infinite reflections in what is a playful juxtaposition with the elegant sophistication of the bedroom, only further attesting to the iconoclastic boldness of Wang’s design ethos.
茶室被樱桃红色的墙漆包裹着,是来自世界各地的古董家具宝库。 20世纪60年代设计的老式孔雀椅的华丽设计与1903年设计的查尔斯·Macintosh的Hill House椅子的严峻几何结构和20世纪80年代设计的奇特设计都是由Brionvega设计的RR226Radiofonografo和由Martine Bedin(孟菲斯集团的共同创始人)设计的超级灯,而摩洛哥风格的咖啡桌、藏传佛教绘画和上海艺术装饰黄铜吊灯则增加了民族口音。 王的混合和匹配的方法也延伸到卧室,卧室的特色是浅色单板墙板,一对法国拿破仑三世风格的黄铜红绒椅-用作床头柜-和一个艺术装饰大理石壁炉,与手工制作的摩洛哥地毯和贝壳形状的大理石墙锥的黑白调色板相呼应。 在相邻的更衣室里,由亨利·马蒂斯(HenriMatisse)设计的镜面壁橱门与彩色剪纸(GouachesDecoupes)地毯的结合,创造了一种无限反思的万花筒效应,这是一种有趣的并列与卧室优雅的精致,只是进一步证明了王的设计精神的标志性大胆。







Waterfront Apartment by Nong Studio. Featured: Rever Bed by Poliform (2016), Antique Chiavari Dining Chair from the 1910s. Photography by Chasing Wang.
 海滨公寓由农工作室。 特色:用Poliform(2016)改造床,1910年代的古董Chiavari餐椅。 追王摄影。













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