Caravia Beach Junior Suites - Restaurant Mastrominas ARChitecture

2019-01-23 01:00
Text description provided by the architects. Situated in Marmari, Kos, in a setting surrounded by palms, Caravia Beach Junior Suites and Restaurant, is an extension to an existing hotel. The Suites and the restaurant are organically connected via a large outdoor pool and deck network, on the water.
 © Yiorgis Yerolympos
 Master Plan

 © George Papapostolou
The complex unfolds around a communal pool which underlines the 5 bungalows and the restaurant and connects with all the structured environment via a network of decks and platforms, creating channels that surround the individual spaces.
In terms of a vertical reading of the area, bungalow buildings are organized in two levels, ground floor and first floor, with the first providing direct access to the pool through the rooms’ private courtyards. The architecture of the volumes is a re-interpretation of the simple Greek island-style cubic shaped architecture with few openings for courtyard access.
 © Yiorgis Yerolympos
In terms of a horizontal reading of the rooms, the layout has a gradual transition from the private areas of the bathrooms to the main rooms, then to the courtyard and finally to the communal swimming pool. The rooms are separated by stone walls and their yards are shaded with wooden pergolas. The materials that dominate the room are the cement mortar in the bathroom, the white wood and the neutral gray colors.
 © Yiorgis Yerolympos

这家餐厅成为夏季度假胜地的一个参照点和中心,围绕着这里展开了5间平房。A la点菜餐厅“Maina”设计具有现代和简单的风格,为餐厅、酒吧和开放式厨房提供了一个放松的环境。
The restaurant becomes a reference point and the heart of the summer’s resort around which the 5 bungalows unfold. The a la carte restaurant “Maina” is designed with a modern and simple style, thus providing a setting of relaxation for the dining areas, bar and open kitchen.
The bar with its wide sliding openings, is connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces, becoming a reference point and the heart of the summer’s resort. The ceiling is also connecting the interior with the outdoors. It is covered with local willows, that when lit from above, resemble the strong Greek summer sun.
 © Yiorgis Yerolympos
The modern space is curated with an eclectic mix of furnishings and objects mostly custom made. The firm’s concept, was to create a relaxed and sophisticated environment for the hotel’s guests by blending minimalism with an elegant Mediterranean atmosphere. Teak is used to underline the original exotic atmosphere created by the natural landscape, while the textiles participate in grey and natural tones enhancing the calmness and elegance of the restaurant areas.
 © George Papapostolou
Next to the covered terrace of the restaurant is the island seating area. Behind an islet of palm trees that existed on the plot, in the center of the communal swimming pool and complex, seats are arranged around an open fireplace, while the daybeds are arranged around the island. The outdoor seating area filters the sights of the rooms, creating a sense of privacy for the guests.
 © Yiorgis Yerolympos
Architects Mastrominas ARChitecture
Location Marmari 853 00, Greece
Category Restaurant
Area 3000.0 m2
Project Year 2018
Photographs Yiorgis Yerolympos, George Papapostolou, Nikitas Voyiatzis-Vokotopoulos
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