Montevideo 2759 Garnerone + Ramos Arq

2019-01-24 14:00
 © Walter Salcedo
架构师提供的文本描述。该项目是我们工作室的一项自我管理方案,目的是在一个具有巨大投资潜力的城市实现盈利单位的商业化。搜索参数是一块土地,我们可以建造一座大约700平方米的建筑。“蒙得维的亚2759”大楼位于佩莱格里尼大道以南一个街区,奥罗尼奥大道以西六个街区,位于一个前面8.50米、深10.25米的矩形地段。使用了“罗萨里奥城市法典”(Código Urbano de Rosario)允许的19米最高高度限制,并开发了每层两套单间公寓。
Text description provided by the architects. The project is presented as a self-management proposal of our studio aiming at commercializing profitable units in a city area with great investment potential. The search parameter was a land lot which allowed us to construct a building of approximately 700 square meters. Located a block to the south of Pellegrini Avenue and six blocks to the west of Oroño Boulevard, the building “Montevideo 2759” is placed on a rectangular lot 8.50 m front and 10.25 m deep. The 19 m-maximum height limit permitted by the Urban Code of Rosario (Código Urbano de Rosario) for that area was used, and two studio apartments per floor were developed.
 Facade Diagram
 Ground Floor Plan

 © Walter Salcedo
In order to determine the work’s spatiality and aesthetics, our starting point was the north orientation. The balconies were retracted from the building line to optimize the “half open-air” condition of the space. Thus, this area can profit from the winter sun and the summer shade. Due to this design decision, the building skin acquired a thickness which is accentuated by the inclined and interspersed planes between even and odd-numbered floors. In turn, the planes create a technical space to accommodate air conditioning equipment on the outside and a storage space in the inside.
 © Walter Salcedo
All ceilings present exposed concrete, in contrast to the front and lateral walls. This materiality enables to highlight the play of light and shadow in the facade even more. The ground floor unites to the public space with the same kind of floor used in the garage area and to the sidewalk. Built-in metallic carpentry, this space connects visually to the urban environment through the entrance as well. In this case, we aimed to generate a sober architecture in accordance with its aesthetics, and also with the goals set for this project.
 Odd Floors Plan
 Balconies Detail
 © Walter Salcedo
Architects Garnerone + Ramos Arq
Location Montevideo 2759, S2000PZK Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Category Residential
Author Architects Nicolás Garnerone – Martín Ramos
Area 615.0 m2
Project Year 2018
Photographs Walter Salcedo
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