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2019-08-19 11:51

作为首家入驻张家港市的国际五星级酒店,张家港万豪酒店 Marriott Hotel,Zhangjiagang是由金新城集团与万豪酒店集团强强连手,邀请知名国际化专业酒店室内设计PLD香港刘波设计顾问公司打造地标之心,铸造城中经典。张家港万豪酒店的开业,将成为见证城市格局升级的首要标志,提升行业品牌影响力,为港城繁华版图,增添浓墨重彩的一笔。
As the first international five-star Hotel in Zhangjiagang, Zhangjiagang Marriott Hotel, Zhangjiagang Marriott Hotel, Zhangjiagang is a combination of jincheng group and Marriott Hotel group, inviting well-known international professional Hotel interior design PLD Hong Kong liu bo design consulting company to build a landmark heart, casting classic in the city. The opening of the marriott hotel in zhangjiagang will be the first sign to witness the upgrading of the urban pattern, enhance the brand influence of the industry, and add a lot of color to the prosperous territory of the port city.
PLD design is inspired by zhangjiagang, a shazhou city, tracing the Yangtze river, encircling taihu lake, looking at the sea tide, the geographical landscape of landscape and landscape and the essence of humanistic spirit contained in wuyue culture. Create a perfect experience of modern, elegant and fashionable, coexisting with traditional aesthetics, international and local cultural connotation and charm.
- cloud sash and smoke, mountain hidden water
In order to allow tourists to experience the arrival experience more directly, the designer put the lobby and lobby bar on the first floor of the hotel from the overall planning, and raised the original space from 2 floors to 3 floors, cleverly solving the problem of limited depth of the building and creating a magnificent lobby. Designers pay attention to the orderliness and gradation of space, rich changes of facade and spatial dimension, and use materials to promote the spatial hierarchy alternately, flow rhythm and rhythm, dynamic radian beauty and power. A Chinese landscape painting by the designer has created a poetic space characteristic of lofty, far-reaching and pingyuan, with infinite artistic conception extending in the limited space.
The mountain ridges are undulating, the river flows like long pirouit, the misty clouds float and the air is dense, the beauty of the whole world, which compose the natural law that the tradition and the modern reflect each other, and highlight the first impression of shock.
Space design to clear, elegant, light, static, quiet artistic conception, move step different scenery, layer by layer, winding path into you, the courtyard is deep, spring vientiane, willow stack smoke, clear and bright, refined has become the key throughout the space, like people unrestrained green, spring breeze and think flying.
Light clear side of the water, mountains empty mengyu qi
The breeze is bluish, the clouds are green, and the lights are scattered in the atmosphere, giving the space a unique atmosphere and a lasting elegance. Designers in the open and closed space into the poetic atmosphere, dense water out of the charm of the country moisture, showing the artistic conception of the east.
The wind shake bamboo window shadow, filter time dust. Stylist USES embodied traditional borrow scene technique, grew a symbol in the the literati chest open mind hidden ink bamboo, skillfully by landscape, outdoor light and indoor and outdoor visual field, the depth and breadth of expanding space environment, openings, shu lang breakthrough space limitations, rich aesthetic temperament and interest, takes * * ta of green light, and the tea drinking takes * * ta attendants full cup, at the same time extend the spacious interior space is delicate.
Symmetry of aesthetics, it is the wisdom of the Chinese aesthetics, reveals that the Chinese sense of order of the universe, the moral completely propitious, good wish to pursue in pairs, designers hold the balance of traditional artistic conception in design art, the elements of Chinese culture by surprise mix in space, make a grave with the atmosphere of harmonious and graceful space.
The cafeteria
Ten thousand hectares of fertile land over the blue waves, the setting sun
Zhangjiagang is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze river. The design theme revolves around the landscape and rich settlement space.
Japanese restaurant [jin]
Art designers to use the stairs as unicom tower of the banquet hall and the construction of the main body of the media, by using dry landscape of wabi-sabi aesthetics of landscape, with Shi Weishan, sand, for water, lakes and mountains, close to empty withered weak silence, had no thing, where make dust, expand the space, rich aesthetic experience.
云蔚中餐厅,取其 “味”与“蔚”同音,将烟雨江南的美幻成水墨,把不可名状的况然意境,烟霭沾淡,山笼罩在烟雨中,云青水詹时隐时现,恍如云梦。
Yunwei Chinese restaurant, take its taste and wei with the same sound, the misty rain jiangnan beauty into ink, the indescribably condition of the mood, haze light, mountain shrouded in the misty rain, yunqingshui zhan time hidden, suddenly like a cloud dream.
The guest rooms
- LAN fei cloud light without trace, a misty rain, half curtain dream -
The hotel has 323 elegant rooms, guest rooms and corridors continuation of integral space is concise and fashion style, to create the humanities artistic conception, design in the expression of meaning, borrow scene sentiment, emotion in the content subtle artistic conception, use wood veneer, art glass, such as material, soft outfit with Oriental flavor element ornament, presents a vivid embodiment of the regional culture space hierarchy rich primitive simplicity temperament stereo images.
Shake off a body of smoke and dust, return to the true nature, feel the quiet years, precipitation of the hustle and bustle of the world, feel the inner calm, leaving travelers with a space to think inward. My heart is sufficient, my heart is full of truth, and my words are forgotten.
项目名称 | 张家港万豪酒店
甲方单位 | 金新城集团
设计单位 | PLD香港刘波设计顾问有限公司
主设计师 | Paul Liu - Hank Xia
设计时间 | 2017年10月
完成时间 | 2019年3月
项目面积 | 55000平方米
| marriott zhangjiagang hotel
| jincheng group, party a
Design unit | PLD Hong Kong liu bo design consultant co., LTD
Lead designer | Paul Liu - Hank Xia
The project location is | zhangjiagang
Design time | October 2017
Completion time | March 2019
The project area is | 55000 square meters









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