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2019-10-26 10:35
鲜花批发供应商Dicentra委托Rina Lovko Studio在他们的大型仓库内打造一个全新的零售区。设计面临的主要问题是如何在同一房间内设置两个大型冰柜:一个作为展示区域,用来陈列零售鲜花;另一个为封闭冰柜,用于鲜切花和盆栽的大规模储藏。大厅则需要容纳接待处、工作台、一个带厨房的杂物间以及可供客人和员工使用的卫生间。

The customer, a wholesale flowers supplier Dicentra, contacted us for the second time. Dicentra has a huge warehouse and there it was necessary to create a retail space. The main point in the terms of reference was the construction of two refrigerators in one room. The first is a fridge showcase with cut flowers for retail. The second is closed for cut and potted plants wholesale. Also in the hall there should have been a reception for managers, a workplace for florists, utility rooms with a kitchen, and a shared toilet for guests and staff.

▼花店入口,the entrance

A Soviet-era building similar to a hangar – 300 square meters of open space without partitions. The budget is limited, the area is huge, the deadlines are tight, and customer’s trust is complete. The conditions are challenging, so we had to look for non-standard solutions. The main entrance is made of red perforated mesh, and above it we placed a neon sign. Against the background of the industrial zone, this is very noticeable.

▼花店内部空间概览,project overview




The room is divided simply: two walls, and in the columns are in the middle. The floors are asphalt. We immediately decided that we would make them technical – fill it with concrete. There was whitewashing on the top of the walls, and green oil paint on the bottom. The paint was removed along with the plaster, and then the artist covered them with a primer and a glaze layer. The walls came out textured, which put together a general picture. The idea was to make everything look untouched: as if we had come, put down furniture and the store started working.

▼做旧墙体,the retro wall


We made refrigerators smaller and lower than the room itself. They were made of special thermal materials, and in one of them the aluminum windows were put for display cases. Aluminum was chosen so that the refrigerator would fulfill its task, keep the cold. They were faced with standard plywood sheets. In general, the space looks like a large hangar, in which two smaller cubes were inserted. Between the cooler cubes there is a race for large unloading trolleys, on the contrary there is a wide reception for four people.

▼用来存放花艺工具的架子,a shelf for storing floral tools


Inside, refrigerators are painted in graphite color. The decision is due to the product: flowers on a black background look bright and contrast, which is good for sale. We supported this with lighting and specially selected such that the flowers looked even brighter. The general lighting in the hall was made simple – these are LED tubes hanging from the ceiling, each on a separate wire. Wiring without breaking the walls, we put all the cables into the trays.

▼收银柜台,the cashier counter


Already in the process of work, an unexpected item appeared in the terms of reference – the office of managers. They found a solution: they made the office completely mirrored and placed it in the room like a third cube. Such a solution visually increased the space and it seemed that the long hangar became even longer.

▼做成镜面的办公室,a mirrored office
所有的家具都由不锈钢制成,并衬有定做的灰色水磨石板。因为Rina Lovko Studio曾为利沃夫的Dicentra花店设计过工作台,所以这一次也采用了同样的设计。工作台的两侧均设有抽屉和不锈钢废料回收箱,桌子虽然很重,但好在底部装有移动滑轮——这在鲜花供应旺季十分有用。桌子上方有一盏带有柔光罩的吊灯,它可以提高工作的舒适度。桌子后方的圆镜让花艺师在工作的过程中能从侧面看到花束。

All furniture is made of stainless steel and is lined with gray terrazzo plates made to order. Our studio previously developed a table for florists for the Dicentra store in Lviv. Then they put the same, but from other materials. It is double-sided, with drawers and waste bins for stainless steel waste on both sides. The table is heavy, but on wheels, so it can be moved around – this is useful on days that are selling for flower suppliers. The need to move the table was also in the technical task. Above the table is a lamp with a diffuser for comfortable work, but on the contrary a mirror, as florists, in the process of working, need to see the bouquet from the side.

▼花艺师工作台,a table for florists



For visitors, they put light and practical outdoor furniture – metal tables and chairs. Around the guest area put the plants that they picked themselves.We also developed mobile shelves for transporting flowers. Flowers are always different, so the shelves were made with special milling, which allows you to quickly change the height of the mount.

▼整面的胶合板置物架,integral plywood shelving

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